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Underground Reality Colombia
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For more than 40 years Colombia has been terrorized by kidnappings, drug lords and revolution led by the notorious FARC guerrillas. But in the face of daily tragedies, courageous Christian workers risk their lives to bring a message of peace.
In Underground Reality: Colombia, you will meet: Alex, a former assassin now turned to Christ; Celso, a mission worker who was kidnapped by the FARC but still ministers in guerilla-controlled areas; and Luz and Yubis, whose husbands were killed for their service to Christ. Through tragedy and triumph, the team witnesses firsthand the power of God in overcoming violence with an amazing message of hope and forgiveness.
Divided into four episodes, Underground Reality: Colombia is sure to challenge your faith and sense of personal safety while demonstrating the power of the gospel in one of the most violent nations on earth.
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Date :December 22 2009
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